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Episode 5

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20th Jul 2020

#5 Hajrudin Kalbic | Education, Starting a Business in South Korea, & Overcoming Adversity

Hajrudin Kalbic graduated from Iowa State with a bachelors in Accounting and Finance. Upon graduating, he moved to Busan, South Korea to start a private tutoring business. In this episode Rudi discusses education, moving to South Korea, entrepreneurship, and overcoming adversity throughout his life.

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In The Hilla
In The Hilla (الحلة‎ - Neighborhood)
A podcast that educates/informs folks from marginalized communities about different career avenues/possibilities.

When I originally had the idea for my podcast, I was thinking of issues within my community. It is rare to see engineers, doctors, entrepreneurs, and equity owners in low income neighborhoods. At the end of the day people are a product of their environment and you can't be what you can't see. Therefore, I created this podcast to serve as an example. Through this platform, I hope to educate/inform folks about the different avenues/possibilities that exist. And more importantly, break down how it was done as well as identify the challenges that can be expected.

I started doing interviews for my podcast back in April and started posting content on July 2020.

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Ahmed Ismail

Ahmed is a first generation immigrant from Sudan and is currently an industrial engineering student at Iowa State University. He is a driven and entrepreneurial minded student with a diverse set of experiences that include working as a software engineering intern and mechanical engineering intern, studying abroad in the UK, conducting research for the U.S. Dept of Energy, lobbying for the U.S. Dept of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, and serving on the national board for a multi-million dollar non-profit.